Elite Automation Equipment

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  • Servo tightening system
  • Elite Barometer
  • Tamagawa encoder-incremental / absolute encoder, resolver, speed encoder
  • Closed-loop stepper motor with high accuracy / low noise / no step loss / high speed / high torque
  • Tamagawa-Servo Micromotor TBL-I mini
  • Volkswagen Industrial single / multi-axis manipulators-diversity of specifications to meet a variety of different use cases; multiple combinations, flexible and changeable.
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knowledge base

  • 艾而特浅析:国内工业自动化设备的发展
    • With the rapid progress of science and technology, many countries have further recognized the importance of the automation equipment manufacturing industry, and have successively proposed the development strategy of the manufacturing industry, such as the United States "National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing Industry", German ...

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